In November, while lifting a large house plant, I felt something move in my lower back area. (Turns out a disk moved and was touching my sciatic nerve.) Pain ensued and it was excruciating.

I am in my mid-seventies and love to garden, I was now concerned it may become a thing of the past.

Lucky for me, my friend who has been a patient of Dr. Brown’s for over 30 years suggested I call for an appointment.

Thanks to Dr. Brown, I am totally pain free and gardening again.

A big bonus: there was no surgery and it was all-natural.

Dr. Brown, please know that I am forever grateful to you.

- Sue R. 4.4.16

In ’96 i had such pain in my wrist, I couldn’t continue to play Guitar. Wrist supports and headache medicine didn’t help. Desperate for relief, I decided to try chiropractic. I was dubious that my neck could be related to my hand troubles and skeptical about “needing” so many adjustments, initially.

But now I’m so glad I took the plunge! I experienced marked relief within the FIRST week; within six months, I had established a new way of relating to my body: sleeping posture,. keeping my wallet in my front pocket and understanding the signals that indicated a need for an adjustment. My ideal time between visits now about a month and sometimes more frequently when I neglect good habits.

I had such a good experience, I convinced my whole family to come see Dr. Brown. He has helped everyone of us in one way or another. Now we all sleep on doughnut hole or bird tail pillows.

When I travel or change medical insurance, I’ve had to use other chiropractors, and I realize how spoiled I’ve become by Dr. Brown’s Enthusiasm and thorough professionalism.

There are chiropractors …and then there’s Dr.Brown.

- Bill Cook Jr.

For more years than I care to recall; I have lived with debilitating pain in various parts of my body: neck, shoulder, lower back and knees. In addition to that I had numbness in both feet.

Over the years I followed doctor’s suggestions of alternating heat and cold packs as well as wearing a back brace while I worked.While these measures helped temporarily there seemed to be no lasting effect.

Through my son who hasbeen to Dr. Brown, I decided to see if he could help me. After only six ajustments and therapy treatments I am waking up each morning pain free.

Thank you, Dr. Brown, for giving me the relief which had eluded me for all those years.

- Marjorie Hale

I have seen 5 previous chiropractors for my lower back pain, but Dr. Brown was the ONLY one who was able to adjust my lower back and correct my pain.

He is also the only one who diagnosed my neck and shoulder problems.Looking at my vacation pictures from june’06, you can see how badly my neck and shoulders humped forward.Now you can see how I stand straight.

I drive from I20 Arlington to Grapevine to see Dr. Brown and I pass many other chiropractors on the way… THAT is how good he is!!

- Sharon Bosleyn

Raised as an Air Force Brat for 21 years the base only provided M.D. medical care. It was only after my marriage that I was introduced to chiropractic care and I became hooked on this medical care.

When I played tennis with my girl friends and saw how our bodies twisted, turned, and stretched, I thought “How can people go without chiropractic care?”

I have seen chiropractors for 49 years and they were wonderful… I have been with Dr. Brown for 23 years now and he is the Very Best! He also has a wonderful Christian testimony and can build me up spiritually when I am down.

- Fran “Missi” Tims


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